The Virtual Fine Art Museum/Gallery features the latest technology in showcasing works of art. We allow individual artists, art associations, art galleries, and museums to feature examples of their art for exhibition and/or sale.
Our Virtual Fine Art Gallery is a commercial space, which will allow you to exhibit and sell your artwork. It can be linked directly to your own website or used as a standalone page for your clientele.

We feature several different plans. Please see Participation Info for details.

We can also adjust gallery size add any number of galleries; include movable walls, a variety of colors and textures, and special lighting to suit each client. Also available now are custom floor plans. Please contact us for details.
Our Virtual Fine Art Museum is a curated high quality cyber-venue for art exhibitions. When fully completed it will feature at least 12 separate galleries in a state of the art facility. At this time we have completed Gallery I for your perusal. Our first exhibition shows a sample of some of the work produced by members the San Diego Visual Artists Guild. This particular gallery features surrealism. Other galleries under construction for the Guild exhibition feature landscapes, non-representational work, wildlife art, photography, digital art, classical realism, and many more contemporary styles. All exhibitions will be archived.

Under construction are an exterior building, landscaping, and interior foyer. Currently only two-dimensional work can be exhibited. In the near future we will be creating three-dimensional sculpture, custom made interactive avatars, video outlets, and a high-end version for more powerful computers with greater detail of the images, finer special effects, and many more state of the art features.